Wednesday Webinar: Brain surgery

October 13, 2011

We are excited to announce that our next Wednesday Webinar on 10/19 will feature Dr. Albert Hong-Jae Kim, the newest edition to our neurosurgery lineup.

Dr. Kim specializes in surgery of the brain, including procedures like stereotactic radiosurgery, skull based surgery and cerebrovascular surgery, and the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors including meningioma, acoustic neuroma, chordoma and others.

A couple of his areas of focus are brain development and research, both of which he’ll discuss during the webinar.

Be sure to send your questions in so that we may add them to our ever-growing list! You can submit them via email at, post one on our Facebook page, or submit one here on this blog in the comment section.

To access the webinar, go here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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  1. Elizabeth Mannhardt says:

    Dr Kim performed tumor removal surgery on my mother last week. We could not have asked for a more caring and thorough surgeon. Thank you, Dr Kim, from the bottom of our hearts!

  2. Bridget Foster says:

    Dr. Kim performed surgery August 8th 2012 on me. He did a great job. 90% removal. Rare to unusual location of the tumor. I woke up fully competent. Amen!I was so worried about my brain being at RISk and ME being at RISK. I put that holly oil on my tumor location. Pray about it. Dr. Kim was very confident went he spoke about the surgery – He also showed no sign of concern. He did discuss the risk involved. I did not feel worried during the time he was speaking. After the surgery, I was able to walk the same day lol!. I got out the bed unconsciously not knowing that I was not suppose too be walking. Amen!I was and still is doing a grand! I went to see my ophthalmologist Steven Couch surgeon last week. He was amazed to how different I looked from the last time I was there. My sight improved Yea!!!! I went and got a second opinion lol! I could not believe how great of a job Kim and Couch performed. I do NOT look like I had brain and eye surgery 4 weeks ago. Everyone around me is blew away with the results and the speedy recovery. All things through Christ Jesus!

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