Status Update: I’m an organ donor

Here’s some news that makes us want to hit the “Like” button…

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg this morning announced a partnership between Facebook and Donate Life America. The partnership is designed to raise awareness about the need for donors and to encourage people to sign up for their state’s organ donor registry.

Just imagine if every Facebook user signed up to be an organ donor. It might not solve the donor shortage, but it could certainly make a heck of a dent! 

If you aren’t registered as a donor yet, Facebook has made it easy for you to do that while you update your profile.  And if you aren’t on Facebook…well, it’s unlikely that you’re reading this blog post if you aren’t on Facebook.

For some of the specifics, read this message from Dean Kappel, CEO of the St. Louis region’s organ procurement organization, MidAmerica Transplant Services:

Facebook announced an exciting change this morning that will undoubtedly impact organ and tissue donation. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled today on Good Morning America a new feature that allows its 900 million monthly users to include his or her organ donor status in the Timeline feature. Partnering with Donate Life America, Facebook has made a move to help the 114,000 people in America – and 1,300 St. Louisans – waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. This simple, innovative addition could spark a viral boom of 100 million people worldwide joining the organ and tissue donor registry over the next few days.

I encourage you to add your organ donor status to Facebook by going to your Timeline, clicking on “Life Event,” selecting “Health and Wellness,” and choosing “Organ Donor.” If you’re not already registered, make sure to click on the “Officially Register” link to officially enroll in your state’s registry. ABC News has created a video tutorial about the new option. I hope you’ll share this information with your family and friends.

As an active member of Donate Life Missouri and Donate Life Illinois, Mid-America Transplant Services is a proud partner with Donate Life America. We’re very excited about this new partnership with Facebook and hope you’ll join us in sharing the live-saving message of organ and tissue donation.

Thank you,
Dean F. Kappel


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