Meet Earl Goodin, Transcatheter Aortic Valve Patient

November 28, 2011

Earl Goodin, 79 of Ballwin, is the face of Barnes-Jewish's new ad campaign

When Earl Goodin was told he only had two years to live, he didn’t quit. He got a second opinion that changed his life. Earlier this year, Goodin, 87, needed to have his aortic valve replaced. Blood flow was so poor he wasn’t able to do much of anything. The problem is the valve was “calcified.” In a traditional open surgery, if surgeons were to open up his chest and replace the valve, the calcified valve would have fallen apart.

Fortunately, Earl got a second opinion and found out about a Washington University trial at Barnes-Jewish that was an option for patients in his situation called PARTNER (short for Placement of AoRTic traNscathetER valves). In this procedure, doctors were able to replace the valve by only making a tiny incision in his leg rather than opening up his chest. Then they were able to snake the new valve through his femoral artery all the way to his aortic valve to implant the new valve inside the calcified valve.

Now, Earl is up and going and you’ll be seeing a lot of him. Earl will be featured prominently in advertisements around the St. Louis area over the next few months.

For more on the procedure dubbed “game changing” by physicians, click here.

To see more, you can watch this video to see how the procedure helped Florissant native Mary Ann Cahalin.

-Jason Merrill

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