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At Barnes-Jewish Hospital, we love our nurses. The Rare Gift has an especially warm place in our heart for transplant nurses – from operating room nurses to the ICU and floor nurses to the transplant coordinators.

This week is national Nurses Week and to honor nurses in the BJC HealthCare system, our sister website,, has a forum just for people to share stories about their favorite nurses. You can add a story at

In the meantime, read this comment that Pat Janssen, wife of a liver recipient, left about Barnes-Jewish transplant coordinator Jessica Wagner:

My husband was placed on the Liver Transplant list March of 2011, he was given a transplant coordinator, Jessica Wagner. Any concerns or questions we could contact her. “OMG” she has been a true gift from GOD to us.

All concerns & Anxieties, she has always been able to put to rest for us.
Any time we called her, if she was on another call within minutes she always
called us back.

My husband was in the hospital on 3 occasions as a back-up for the transplant.

After every discharge as the back-up patient, we would no sooner get home and Jessica was calling to talk to my husband to make sure he was OK due to not receiving the transplant. To settle his anxieties and to make sure his mental state was OK.

In July 2011, my husband got the transplant, there was never a day that she didn’t check on him at the hospital & check on me as his wife as well.
All the medications for rejection that he is on any questions or concerns, she always gets the answers for us ASAP.

This wonderful lady has become almost like a family member of ours. She always has A beautiful smile, no matter how tough her day has been. She is one of a kind, we are so grateful she was the one chosen to be our transplant coordinator. The aren’t words to express how easy she made our waiting & the anxieties associated with being on the transplant list.

If hospitals had more nurses like her, it certainly would make your stay almost a pleasure.

How many of us can say we look forward to Dr. Appts. We do because we know we are also going to see Jessica, hear that wonderful laugh of hers and see that beautiful smile.

And just for fun, check out this video of nurses across Barnes-Jewish doing a Nurses Week happy dance.

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  1. I was born & raised in the St Louis area & the nurses were always great. I loved the video on face book today . It was good to see they can laugh & have fun on the job but still be ready to jump when they need to Its great Love the Nurses all over the country
    My family is still there & the use you all to .

  2. Martha Stipsits says:

    Amazing work Jessica!

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