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In honor of Father’s Day and Men’s Health Week, this week we’re dedicating a series of articles to men—fathers, brothers, sons, uncles and grandfathers—and the health issues important to you. 

Today, we’re looking at men’s health tips from Jeremy Koerber, manager of the BJC WellAware Center.

  1. Hey Dads, do you want to have healthy sons and daughters? Make sure you’re modeling healthy eating behaviors and exercise habits. They learn their exercise and eating habits from you.
  2. Stop putting off those check-ups. There are a lot of people counting on you.
  3. Want to lose the spare tire? Ditch the diet and practice the 85 percent  rule- meaning you are consciously making the best food choices possible 85 percent  of the time. For many men, this will take their nutrition from a subpar to a B+ overnight.
  4. No time for exercise? Up the intensity and focus of your workouts. 25 minute interval training at greater intensities may replace 60 minutes of low, slow and boring cardio.
  5. Can’t figure out why you’re irritable, cranky and feel horrible? Are you getting at least seven-and-a-half hours of sleep every night? Exercise and nutrition are important, but so is recovery.
  6. Take your kids fishing, hiking or biking. It’s important for your mental wellness and family bonding— and one day, they’ll be grown up. Seize the moment, be proactive and make sure you’re the one influencing and shaping who your children will become.
  7. Is uncontrolled stress affecting your personal life? Manage your stress or it will manage you. Take a break, lift some weights, get a massage or simply meditate. You’ll perform better at work and will be a happier person at home.

For more information about the BJC WellAware Center, visit our website.


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