Corset diet could have negative effects, especially postpartum

Lately, a trendy diet called the “corset diet” has women wearing tight-fitting wraps around their midsection in an effort to lose baby weight fast. But an OB/GYN at Barnes-Jewish Hospital has a warning for women looking to this quick fix for weight loss.

“Women who are wearing these corsets for hours at a time are putting undue stress on their bodies and their internal organs are being pushed up or down in order to create the desired “hourglass” look,” says Rosanna Gray-Swain, MD, BJC Medical Group OB/GYN at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. “This could not only cause serious damage to their internal organs, but also cause muscular atrophy and ultimately weakened muscles that can lead to a variety of health problems.”

Highly restrictive diets are not encouraged, especially in the breastfeeding, postpartum mom if she wants to succeed at breastfeeding.

“Breastfeeding can also help women lose weight, but it is important to eat and drink enough to continue producing milk for the baby,” she says. “Producing milk burns 500 calories per day, so new moms need to plan to consume at least that many extra calories while breastfeeding.”

Dr. Gray-Swain encourages women trying to lose weight after a pregnancy, or at any time, to focus on tried-and-true methods that include eating a balanced diet and exercising. For more weight-loss tips, see this post.

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