Barnes-Jewish Wins "Business Innovation" Award

June 7, 2011

The past two weeks of my life were spent sans-cell phone. I was in Germany, and my cell phone provider said my phone would work abroad, but they were wrong. I spent two weeks not connected to my email, texts, Words with Friends or a phone. And it was painful. Being a 20-something addicted to technology, I love computers, cell phones, i-anything and all things digital. This includes electronic medical records and other health care systems.

Naturally, I’m excited that Barnes-Jewish Hospital won first place in “Business Innovation” from the Gateway to Innovation, a national IT conference held in St. Louis. Gateway to Innovation strives to drive growth in IT across all industries, from health care to finance and even those yet to be discovered. On April 5, my colleagues in IT accepted the Business Innovation award at our neighbor, the Chase Park Plaza, for some of our new technology systems implemented last year. And this technology is something the patient can use and see. It’s called “bar coding,” and it actually makes patients safer.

Patients wear a wrist band, and that band acts as a bar code. Caregivers scan the bar code and the medication to assure what Barnes-Jewish Hospital calls the “Six Rights of Medication Administration.”

  • Right Patient
  • Right Drug
  • Right Dose
  • Right Route
  • Right Time
  • Right Documentation

With bar coding, medical errors have been reduced paired with our new online patient documentation system. Finally and most importantly, patients are happier. Patients can actually see their caregiver scan their wristband. Patients can go home and log into our patient portal, MyBJC, and view their test results. 

From wrist bands to online medical records, Barnes-Jewish Hospital continues to improve healthcare by advancing technology. For more on what we’re doing, watch this:

-Valerie Hoven

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