Actress and Vocalist Minnie Driver to Perform Saturday at Annual "illumination" Gala — On Bad Ankle

April 12, 2012

Actress and vocalist Minnie Driver will perform Saturday at the annual "illumination" gala.

We’re excited to welcome award winning actress and vocalist Minnie Driver this Saturday at our annual “illumination” gala. It’s a great event the Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital hosts to raise money for cancer research at the Siteman Cancer Center.

However, Driver won’t be dancing to any of the songs she’ll be performing this weekend. In an interview this morning with KMOX Radio’s Debbie Monterrey, she disclosed she broke her ankle on a run earlier this week:

“I busted up my ankle pretty badly the day before yesterday so I’m in crutches. I’m going to be hobbling on to that stage in St. Louis and I’m not going to be able to wear the fancy shoes I was planning on wearing. I’m going to be wearing a soft cast.”

Monterrey asked if there as a good story behind the injury and apparently it was a simply a rock she didn’t see during a run. Still:

“It was truly one of the most beautiful runs I’ve ever been on so it wasn’t a total loss.”

We’re thankful Driver is going above and beyond for the cause Saturday night. For more about what Driver will sing this weekend with her band and what should attendees expect, you can listen to the interview here. For more about the “illumination” gala, click here.

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